Asb Classic Fastnet Login

How do I get FastNet classic?

To register for FastNet Classic internet banking call us on 0800 327 863 (overseas +64 9 306 3185 toll charges may apply). You will be asked security questions to make sure that it’s you. Be prepared with your account or card details.

How do I log into my ASB account?

To log in to ASB’s FastNet Classic internet banking, type into your browser and click on the yellow Log … The log in page looks different- is it genuine? To ensure you’ve arrived on our genuine website, we ask you to log in through the ASB website, and do …

What is a FastNet classic access code?

We have renamed the FastNet Classic and Online Share Trading ‘access code’ to ‘username’ which is a standard term used across most websites. This doesn’t change your username, only how we refer to it on our websites.

How do I use ASB FastNet business?

Get started today

  1. Join ASB. You need to have an ASB account to operate FastNet Business and its modules. …
  2. Register. Complete the FastNet Business registration form and email it to [email protected]
  3. Log in. …
  4. Customise.