Elle King reveals she’s back with estranged husband

Elle King reveals she’s back with estranged husband

Time apparently heals all wounds for Elle King and estranged husband Andrew Ferguson.

On Wednesday, the “Ex’s & Oh’s” singer honored her two-year anniversary with Ferguson with a sincere shot Instagram, months after revealing the pair had actually split.

“We secretly got married 3 weeks after we met on 2/14/2016,” King shared in a since-deleted post from May. “It was and will forever be, one of the happiest days of my life. This photo was taken today, 5/15/2017. A month after what should have been our big wedding ceremony. My heart is broken. My soul aches. I am lost.”

Ferguson proposed to King on a sailboat under San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in February 2016. She later documented her search for the perfect wedding gown on TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress.”

“We met in London in the lobby of my hotel, and it was like we had known each other for 10 years,” King recalled. “We hung out all night, it was my last day in London, and he was like, ‘You can’t go home.’ And I didn’t get on my flight, and I stayed in London. Two days later, he quit his job and moved to America.”

Though King previously stated she had skipped out on her own wedding, the couple appears to have reconciled late last year.

“I look forward to a new stage of my marriage in 2018. Not just forgiveness from each other, but moving the f–k on from it,” King wrote in December on Instagram.

“Dearest friends and loved ones, sometimes you have to drop the f–king bulls–t you’re so desperately hanging on to,” she continued. “Your grudges, your wounds and battle scars from childhood, your first, and very rough year of marriage, put on your big girl panties or big boy whitey tighties, or both, look at yourself, find YOUR OWN FAULTS.”

Although Ferguson was arrested for domestic violence in April, a month before King initially called it quits, she is looking into the future full-steam ahead.

“You’re allowed to begin again. You’re allowed to be happy,” King shared. “People told me not to post…so I of course am going to post. Thank you to kind souls who understand and give support without judgment. Fergie and I are only human.”