Emma Culligan Is The Exciting New Addition To This Season of The Curse of Oak Island

Emma Culligan has joined the sets of The Curse Of Oak Island season 10.

The show has been renewed for its 10th season and the fans are beyond excited for the show. The Lagina brothers made a triumphant return the previous evening, armed with new equipment that would enable them to survey the whole island.

The search for the treasure will now be their main focus in The Curse Of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 2. The tunnel and its ties to the Knights Templar have previously been discovered.

Now, every finding will point them in the direction of the riches. Additionally, the researchers will make a discovery that will astound everyone. Emma hopes to join the archeologists and hunt for the best treasure they can find.

Emma Culligan Has Joined As A New Member On The Curse of Oak Island

Emma Culligan, an archaeologist, prepared to join the television show The Curse of Oak Island.

Every season, the program gets more intriguing because of this aspect. In the course of their metal detecting, Marty Lagina and treasure hunter Gary Drayton manage to come across a peculiar piece of metal.

The metal appeared to be connected to a piece of a gun that they had discovered the previous year. The study team decides to employ Emma Culligan, an archaeologist, to ensure that the metal is properly analyzed.

She is shown running a CT scan on a mysterious-looking piece of metal. She tells that the object is a heavy bunk hook that was used to tow big objects by being fastened to a chain.

At the same moment, Emma receives another piece of an odd square metal, which looks to be silver. She learns once more that the item is made of bronze and has a lot of arsenic during the CT scan.

Emma’s presence in the show will be a huge help to everyone and she is very excited to have made her debut on the popular American show.

Who Is Emma Culligan?

In the show Curse of Oak Island, Emma Culligan is an archaeologist by profession. She has completed Engineering and Applied Sciences coursework at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Emma Culligan is a Memorial University of Newfoundland undergraduate research assistant. She has worked as a research assistant at the university for the past seven years.

Culligan earned her civil engineering and archaeology degrees from the Memorial University of Newfoundland. She also served as a research assistant for the archaeology department and was active in the Memorial Engineering Society, Memorial Archaeological Society, Canadian Association of Archaeology, and Geological Association of Canada.

Who Are Emma Culligan Family Members?

The family of Emma Culligan consists of a brother and a sister. Her sister is Meg, and her brother is named Luke. Emma is older than Luke.

She and her siblings appear to be close. For National Siblings Day on April 11, 2016, she posted a photo of herself with her sister Meg and brothers Luke. Emma Culligan is a supporter of the environment. She also had a paper published in the Environmental Risk Assessment.

She has also participated in several campaigns that advocate for the preservation and protection of nature. She was a guest relations representative at the Calgary Zoo from 2013 to 2014.

The environmentalist has a deep love for the natural world. She frequently posts pictures of beautiful natural settings on her social media accounts. She also makes it a point to educate her followers about the benefits of protecting the environment.

She has 520 followers on her official profile on Instagram.