In _____, an energized molecule directly adds a phosphate group to adp, but _____ uses a concentration gradient of protons as the energy source required to phosphorylate adp.

2 Answer

  • In phosphorylation or phosphorylating, the energize molecule would add a phosphate group to adp yet  ATP would use a gradient of protons as energy source needed to phosphorylate adp.Hope this is the right answer to this question and this would help.
  • Answer:

    phosphorylation; ATP


    Phosphorylation is the name of one of the processes that occur in mitochondria during cellular respiration. With phosphorylation, cells gain a reservoir of energy for metabolic activities. In this process electron transfer from electronic donors to electronic acceptors occurs. This transfer is the redox reactions that enable the process of energy release, biologically usable for ATP biosynthesis.

    In this case, an energized molecule would add a phosphate group to the ADP for ATP formation. However, ATP would use a proton gradient as the energy source needed to phosphorylate ADP.