2.50 g CuCl2 equals how many moles

2 Answer

  • the molar mass of CuCl2 is 134.45 g/mol; therefore, you divide 2.5 g of CuCl2 by 134.45 g of CuCl2 leaving you with 0.019 moles
  • Explanation:

    Number of moles is defined as the mass of substance given in grams divided by the molar mass of substance.

    It is given that mass of [tex]CuCl_{2}[/tex] is 2.50 g and molar mass of [tex]CuCl_{2}[/tex] is 134.45 g/mol.

    Therefore, calculate number of moles as follows.

          Number of moles of [tex]CuCl_{2} = \frac{mass}{molar mass}[/tex]

                                            = [tex]\frac{2.50 g}{134.45 g/mol}[/tex]

                                             = 0.0186 mol

                                             = 0.019 mol (approx)

    Thus, we can conclude that 2.50 g CuCl2 equals 0.019 moles (approx).