Social Studies


Earl has broad practical knowledge, emotional maturity, and the ability to apply his knowledge to make life more worthwhile. earl demonstrates __________.

2 Answer

  • Earl is demonstrates "Wisdom".

    Wisdom is one of those characteristics hard to characterize—in light of the fact that it includes so much—yet which individuals generally perceive when they experience it. Furthermore, it is experienced most clearly in the domain of basic leadership. Therapists have a tendency to concur that astuteness includes a coordination of information, experience, and profound understanding that joins resilience for the vulnerabilities of life and also its good and bad times.
  • The correct answer is wisdom

    Wisdom refers to comfort, ease and skill when conducting oneself and understanding the meaning of life. Wise individuals possess strong emotional intelligence and emotional regulation, practical knowledge and the ability to make their life more worthwhile. They are generally calm, content and accepting, and they do not put pressure on themselves and others to achieve perfection.