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The Battle of Vicksburg, represented in the image above, was won by which Union general?

A) Robert Anderson
B) Ulysses S. Grant
C) George McClellan
D) William T. Sherman

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  • C is the best answer. 

    George McClellan is The Battle of Vicksburg, it represented in the image above, was won by the Union general.

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    B. Ulysses S. Grant

    C. William T. Sherman


    The battle of Vicksburg was a major victory for the Union army in the civil war.

    This battle began in May 1863 and last long till July 1863, This battle was quite long as compared to the other battles.

    The union forces were led by the commander-General Ulysses s. grant.

    Include 35000 men under his command.

    Another commander was William T. Sherman.

    The victory of the battle of Vicksburg gave control of the Mississippi River to Union forces.

    Which is a very crucial strategic location.

    The victory of Vicksburg marked as a turning point of civil war.