The gods were so charmed with the graceful and artistic creation of Hephæstus that they all determined to endow her with some special gift. She was called Pandora, which means "all gifted," having received every attribute necessary to make her charming and irresistible. She was conducted to the house of Epimetheus by Hermes, the messenger of the gods. Epimetheus had in his possession a jar of rare workmanship that he had been expressly forbidden to open. But woman's proverbial curiosity could not withstand so great a temptation, and Pandora determined to solve the mystery at any cost. Watching her opportunity, she raised the lid, releasing the swarm of evil spirits trapped within. They would plague mankind ever after. Question 54 of 68 This myth is believed to have given rise to the phrase “Pandora’s box,” which can be used in a sentence like this: The investigation by the income tax department turned out to be a Pandora’s box for the police chief. Based on this information, what is the most likely meaning of the phrase “Pandora’s box”? container of precious jewels a symbol of impatience a way of taking revenge on an enemy a source of many unforeseen troubles

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  • Pandora's Box was a box that was opened and since it was opened it released all the bad things that we have in the world today, such as grief, anger, sadness, death, sickness, ect. And the last thing that came out of the box was a little bug that represented hope. It is basically the greek mythological tale of how all the bad things came to be. Personally I am a Christian and I believe in the story of Adam and Eve, but thats besides the point. I hope my answer helped! ;)