Water is sometimes removed from the products of a reaction by placing the products in a closed container with excess P4O10. Water is absorbed by the following reaction. P4O10 + 6H2O es001-1.jpg 4H3PO4 What is the mole ratio of water to H3PO4? Do not simplify the ratio. Hes001-2.jpgO:Hes001-3.jpgPOes001-4.jpg = :4

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  • H2O:H3PO4 = 6:4.
    I just took the test and got it right!

  • Answer : The correct answer for mole ratio of H₂O : H₃PO₄ = 6: 4 .

    Mole ratio :

    It is defined as mole of one substance to another substance in a balanced reaction . In the balanced reaction , the coefficient written before the substances are taken as moles of that substance.

    The given balanced reaction between P₄H₁₀ and H₂O is :

    P₄O₁₀ + 6 H₂O → 4 H₃PO₄

    Mole of H₂O = 6

    Mole of H₃PO₄ = 4

    Hence mole ratio of Water : H₃PO₄ = 6 : 4