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NuGet Package Manager

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click References and choose Manage NuGet Packages.
  2. Choose “” as the Package source, select the Browse tab, search for Newtonsoft.Json, select that package in the list, and select Install:
  3. Accept any license prompts.

How do I manually Install a Nuget package?

Menu Tools → Options → Package Manager Click OK. Drop your NuGet package files in that folder. Go to your Project in Solution Explorer, right click and select “Manage NuGet Packages”. Select your new package source.

How do I Install a Nupkg file?

From the Package source: dropdown menu, select your new package source. When your NUPKG file appears in the NuGet Package Manager, click it and then select Install.

How do I Download a Nuget package from the command line?

Install a package

  1. Open a command line and switch to the directory that contains your project file.
  2. Use the following command to install a NuGet package to the packages folder. cli Copy. nuget install <packageID> -OutputDirectory packages.

How do I Download a package in Visual Studio?

Find and install a package

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click either References or a project and select Manage NuGet Packages.
  2. The Browse tab displays packages by popularity from the currently selected source (see package sources).
  3. Select the desired version from the drop-down and select Install.

How do I install a local Nuget package?

From here:

  1. In the Tools menu, select Options. This will open up the options dialog box.
  2. Find NuGet Package Manager.
  3. Select Package Sources.
  4. Click the green plus button.
  5. Set Name to something useful (such as Local Feed).
  6. Set Source to the path used above, such as C:totally-local-nuget-feed.
  7. Click “Update.”

How do I download Nuget package in Visual Studio code?

You can go to to search packages as you might otherwise do in Visual Studio, then use the command line to install the package you want. > To install new package:

  1. Open your project workspace in VSCode.
  2. Open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P)
  3. Select > Nuget Package Manager GUI.
  4. Click Install New Package.

How manually install Nupkg PowerShell?

Manually install a module from the PowerShell Gallery

  1. Navigate to the PowerShell Gallery1. Search for the desired module.
  2. Select the Manual Download tab.
  3. Click the Download the raw nupkg file.
  4. After the file finishes downloading, transfer it to the desired computer.

How do I install NuGet offline?

3. Offline installation

  1. 1) Open the manage nuget package of Visual Studio Project.
  2. 2) Click the [settings] button in the package manager.
  3. 3) Create a local package source.
  4. 4) Return to the package manager and switch the package source to the one just created. 5) Install the package you created.

How do I extract a Nupkg file?

7 Answers. NuPKG files are just zip files, so anything that can process a zip file should be able to process a nupkg file, i.e, 7zip. will unpack it into the target directory.

How do I download NuGet packages with all dependencies?

You need to have nuget.exe in the path enviroment or current folder which is cmd used on. This will output to unpacked dependencies and nukpg files to the selected folder. After this you can just copy the nukpg files to desired location by hand or you can use simple commandline copy script to copy only nukpg files.

How do I install a NuGet package in powershell?

Find and install a package

  1. Open the project/solution in Visual Studio, and open the console using the Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Console command.
  2. Find the package you want to install. If you already know this, skip to step 3. ps Copy.
  3. Run the install command: ps Copy.

How do I reinstall NuGet packages in Visual Studio?

Restore packages manually using Visual Studio

  1. Enable package restore by choosing Tools > Options > NuGet Package Manager. Under Package Restore options, select Allow NuGet to download missing packages.
  2. In Solution Explorer, right click the solution and select Restore NuGet Packages.

Where do NuGet packages get installed?

The global-packages folder is where NuGet installs any downloaded package. config, packages are installed to the global-packages folder, then copied into the project’s packages folder.

  • Windows: %userprofile%.nugetpackages.
  • Mac/Linux: ~/.nuget/packages.

What is the command to install packets?

The Install-Package cmdlet installs a software package and its dependencies. Install-Package uses parameters to specify the packages Name and Source. The Credential parameter uses a domain user account with permissions to install packages. The command prompts you for the user account password.

How do I download NuGet Package Explorer?

GitHub – NuGetPackageExplorer/NuGetPackageExplorer: Create, update and deploy

  1. Run PowerShell (as Admin)
  2. Install NuGet Package Explorer: choco install nugetpackageexplorer.