B. inggris


ubahlah kalimat di bawah ini menjadi bentuk negatif dan introgative
1.) The sun always shines in indonesia
2.) Anita goes to the hospital
3.) The kitty drinks milk
4.) The brown family sells shoes
5.) Lions like meat
6.) anne teaches biology
7.) We all sheep at night
8.) Marisa lives in the village
9.) You make tables
10.) We watch the football match
pola negative [ subject + do/does(not) + kk1 + complement ]
pola introgative [ do/does +subject+ verb1+complement]

1 Jawaban

  • 1. -the sun doesnt always shines in indonesia
        ?. does the sun always shines in indonesia?
    2. -anita doesnt goes to the hospital
        ? does anita goes to the hospital?
    3. -the kitty doesnt drink milk
        ? does the kitty drink milk?
    4. -the brown family doesnt sells shoes
        ?does the brown family sells shoes?
    5.-lions doesnt likes meat
       ? does lions likes meat?
    6. -anne doesnt teaches biology
        ? does anne teaches biology?
    7. -we dont all sheep at night
        ? do we all sheep at night?
    8. -marisa doesnt lives in the village 
        ? does marisa lives in the village?
    9. -you dont make tables
        ? do you make  tables?
    10. -we dont watch football match
          ? do we watch football match?

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