Is That A Lightsaber Luthen Has In Andor?!

Is That A Lightsaber Luthen Has In Andor?!

This article contains spoilers for Andor episode 11Andor episode 11 saw yet another meeting between Luthen Rael and Saw Gerrera, and the former seemed to be carrying a lightsaber. As Andor continues its retcon of the Rebel Alliance’s origins, viewers learn how important Luthen Rael was to the Rebellion in Star Wars. A person of resources and connections, Luthen has orchestrated the most important events of Andor so far, yet the character’s backstory is still a mystery. From a rogue Jedi to a former Sith loyalist, there are many theories about who Luthen really is and what he wants.

When Luthen heads to Saw’s hidden spot in Andor season 1, episode 11, “Daughter of Ferrix,” he has to be checked by a guard. That is when Andor reveals that Luthen carries a stick that very much resembles a lightsaber. While this object looks quite different from the lightsabers used by Jedi in Star Wars canon, it does look like something an Old Republic Jedi would have used. There even seems to be a couple of buttons in Luthen’s potential lightsaber, which could serve to ignite the blade. The fact that Luthen had a kyber crystal supports the idea that he also has a lightsaber, though it could also just be part of his walking stick.

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How Luthen Could Have A Lightsaber In Andor (Is He A Jedi?)

Luthen Rael, an apparently wealthy person who runs an antiquities shop, having his hands on a lightsaber would not be too far-fetched. His shop did have Jedi and Sith holocrons, meaning that acquiring a lightsaber would not be very difficult for the character. In fact, compared to the kyber crystal and the holocrons, an old lightsaber is not that impressive. There is no suggestion that Luthen is either a Jedi or a Sith in Andor, although it is strange that he was carrying what could be a lightsaber. Interestingly, in Andor episode 10, Luthen had a monologue about how he was bound to use “the tools” of his enemies to defeat them. Perhaps a lightsaber is among those tools.

Does Luthen’s Ship Use Kyber Crystals Like A Lightsaber?

Another curious link between Luthen Rael and lightsabers concerns his ship. One of the most innovative ideas in Star Wars of late, Luthen’s ship in Andor has some sort of laser tech that allows it to maintain two energy beams, one on each side as if it was a giant double-bladed lightsaber. It’s hard not to think of Darth Maul’s double-bladed red lightsaber after seeing Luthen’s impressive ship ignite its energy beams, but the show never confirms if it is powered by kyber crystals. Luthen made sure to point out how valuable one small kyber crystal was, meaning he would not waste it with fancy ship weaponry.

The first Death Star, for example, required eight kyber crystals to shoot the energy beam that destroyed Alderaan in A New Hope. It is much more likely that Luthen’s ship has a different type of laser technology that simply resembles a lightsaber. While Luthen is seemly wealthy, Andor has shown that his resources are limited. Someone who would be able to afford kyber crystals for his personal ship would probably find allies and connections to the Rebel Alliance much more easily. Even if Luthen has a lightsaber, saying that his ship is powered by kyber crystals would be too big of an assumption.

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