New McDonald’s Easter menu with Steakhouse Stack and Chicken Big Mac

New McDonald’s Easter menu with Steakhouse Stack and Chicken Big Mac

McDonald’s has announced a brand new menu just in time for Easter and there are some things you definitely don’t want to miss.

Five new items are arriving on the UK menu on Wednesday, March 29, including two burgers, a side and two Easter McFlurrys.

Read on to find out what’s coming to McDonald’s

The fast food chain’s UK Easter menu includes:

  • Steakhouse Stack
  • Chicken Big Mac
  • Mozzarella Dippers
  • Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry
  • Cadbury Caramel Egg McFlurry

Introducing the new Steakhouse Stack

The return of everyone’s favourite cheesy snack Mozzarella Dippers is exciting, but not as exciting as the brand new burger option.

It’s called the Steakhouse Stack, which has two 100% beef patties, a slice of cheddar cheese, crispy onions, red onions, and lettuce topped with a creamy peppercorn sauce.

On its own, the beef option will cost £5.39, or £6.99 for a meal with fries and a drink. Prices may vary slightly by location.

“The Steakhouse Stack is another fantastic development from our Menu team, the taste of steak and peppercorn sauce captured perfectly in this newest addition to our menu – delicious!” Head of Marketing Thomas O’Neill said.

McDonald’s is also launching a brand new competition called Winning Sips where you can win cash, merchandise and food.

Certain drinks will contain stickers which you peel off to reveal an instant win or code to enter on the app. The biggest prize is £10,000!

The Chicken Big Mac is returning

After selling out in record time and having to be taken off the menu due to such high demand last year, the Chicken Big Mac is finally coming back.

The burger will be on the UK and Ireland menu for a limited time so be quick, because it’s sadly not a permanent addition.

It’s a twist on the classic Big Mac with its triple layered bun and Big Mac sauce, but has two 100% chicken breast patties instead of beef.

The burger will cost £4.49 on its own or £6.09 for a meal. Add on a portion of Mozzarella Dippers for £2.19 or a sharebox for £6.19.

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