New Season of Competition Begins with Battle of Chalons in Evony – The King’s Return

New Season of Competition Begins with Battle of Chalons in Evony – The King’s Return

Evony: The King’s Return is consistently pumping out new Generals and game modes for its community and player base which is lovingly called “Evonians”. The ever-growing MMO-Esque Puzzle RPG developed by TG Inc. is a great kingdom-building experience that lets players choose their own civilization from Russian, American, Arabian, Chinese, Korean, and European. The current events are extremely engaging but the Battle of Chalon’s is a much-anticipated new battlefield that will bring different mechanics to the table. Let’s see what this new battlefield is all about.

Battle of Chalons

Battle of Chalons is stated to be a new large-scale battlefield where players will be duke it out with their Generals and armies. Here is the official statement – “It is all for the glory of your Alliance! My Monarchs, are you ready? The Current Season had divided all servers into 3 continents. The alliances which rank in the top 256 of each continent can enter the Major League of Battle and fight for the champion!​”

Battle of Chalons takes place between 3 different leagues – 

  • Major League
  • Elite League
  • Junior League

Players who have ranked in the top 256 of every continent will come under the Major League while the rest of the players will be divided into Elite League or Junior League. For fair purposes, the Alliances from each of the leagues will be matched with 3 other opponent Alliances from the same leagues. This will make a group, which will constitute 4 Alliances from the same league. Alliances will be ranked according to their score performances in the Group. Players can earn scores by doing multiple things like killing monsters, killing opponent troops, and occupying buildings.

Other new battlefield mechanics include the Supply Carriage. The Supply Carriage is a randomly dropped loot box that spawns at a random time on random buildings. The moment it spawns on any building, the player who is currently occupying the building has a chance to select 1 out of the 3 buffs it provides. This can be game-changing as the buffs are generally extremely good. This makes for some good fights to occupy certain buildings which are unoccupied but Supply carriages are spawned there. 

The Medical Tents are also a great way to win the battles but again, they refresh randomly on the map and do not have a fixed location. Players can heal their troops in the medical tents immediately which provides a lot of advantages.

The Honor Ranking has 4 total rounds of battle. For example, as we explained each group has 4 Alliances. The Alliances are rewarded based on their performance and ranking in the group. The 1st place Alliance will get 5 Honors, the 2nd place Alliance will get 3 Honors, the 3rd place Alliance will gain 1 Honor while the Alliance which comes in the last place will get no Honor. This will decide the overall ranking of the Alliances and hence, who wins the Battle of Chalons. The Alliances who are placed in the Top 16 in Major League will be further having a Promotion stage to fight for the title of being a Champion.

The rewards for Battle of Chalons are juicy and feel quite rewarding considering the grind and commitment it takes to even reach that stage. Players who are in the Top 100 of the entire event will get an Alliance Glory Castle which can further be used to expand the Alliance Territory. Other rewards include cosmetic ones like new Alliance Flags which are available to Alliances that rank at the top of the event. The higher the rank, the rarer Alliance Flags they will receive. 

That is it for all news regarding the Battle of Chalons game mode coming to Evony: The King’s Return. We highly recommend playing Evony: The King’s Return on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse for fast-paced inputs at the click of a key and lag-free smooth 60 FPS gameplay experience.