Rachael Price pregnant rumors has fans jump to conclusions after Colbert show

Rachael Price pregnant rumors has fans jump to conclusions after Colbert show

An appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert has prompted some fans to speculate about whether or not singer Rachael Price is pregnant, while some viewers have questioned if Price is married to her musical partner, Vilray.

Rachael Price is a jazz and blues singer, best known for her work as the lead singer of the genre-bending Boston-born band, Lake Street Dive.

Having been active in the music industry since 2004, Price has amassed a sizeable following and branched out from the band in the late 2010s to collaborate with guitarist and singer, Vilray Bolles.

The pair has seen a fair deal of success as a duo, having recently appeared on the likes of CBS Saturday Morning, though such appearances have prompted some fans to make rather personal assumptions about Price.

Rachael Price and Vilray appear on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Following a string of recent public appearances, Rachael & Vilray’s latest outing saw them return to the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where they performed their track Is A Good Man Real.

The duo’s performance comes after the release of a string of new singles towards the end of 2022 in the build-up to their upcoming album, I Love A Love Song.

The duo was praised by acting legend Tom Hanks, who also appeared on the show, as he claimed that he bought all of their records from iTunes after watching Rachael & Vilray perform.

Some fans speculate that Rachael Price is pregnant

The recent run of media appearances has led some fans to speculate as to whether Price is pregnant.

Beneath a recent Instagram post, one fan commented: “Can’t get over that adorable baby bump! Major congrats! The voice is magnificent and the bump is precious!”

Another fan wrote: “This little baby is so lucky!!! It’s gonna have the best lullaby’s!! Congrats!!!”

Despite the excitement, Price has not confirmed that she is pregnant, and the speculation remains simply as rumors at the time of writing.

The Focus has reached out to Rachael Price for comment about the pregnancy rumors.

Is Rachael Price married to Vilray?

Another question fans couldn’t help but ask after the Colbert appearance is whether or not Price is married to, or in a relationship with her co-singer, Vilray.

The answer, however, is no, Vilray and Price, or rather Rachael & Vilray are not married.

The pair first met one another back in 2003 while both studying at the New England Conservatory, where Vilray had formed the initial connections with Price’s would-be bandmates, Mike Olson and Mike Calabrese.

Discussing the early days of their friendship, Price told Chronogram: “I also recall Vilray being quite unenthused by my personality and I really had to force him to be friends with me. Because I knew that if he knew me, he’d love me. I was right.”

Rachael Price’s husband is also a singer

Price has been married to fellow singer-songwriter, Taylor Ashton, since September 2019, and the pair recently shared a selfie together at Universal Studios, Hollywood.

Based in Brookly, Ashton spent several years touring with Canadian band Fish & Bird before moving to the states and going solo.

According to his website, Ashton’s influences derive from: “The cosmic emotionality of Joni Mitchell, the sage vulnerability of Bill Withers, the humor and heartbreak of Randy Newman, and old-time and Celtic folk music.”

As part of the Live From Home project, a YouTube series that broadcasted various musical talent during the Covid-19 lockdowns, Price and Ashton performed a well-recieved cover of Cindi Lauper’s Time After Time.

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