Reading and decoding PDF-417 barcodes stored in an image or PDF file from within a .NET application

The ClearImage Barcode Recognition SDK for .NET is probably the easiest way to decode PDF 417 and many other barcodes. I use it in many projects… although it is not free

 var bitmap = WpfImageHelper.ConvertToBitmap(_BarcodeCam.BitmapSource); _ImageEditor.Bitmap = bitmap; _ImageEditor.AutoDeskew(); _ImageEditor.AdvancedBinarize(); var reader = new BarcodeReader(); reader.Horizontal = true; reader.Vertical = true; reader.Pdf417 = true; //_ImageEditor.Bitmap.Save("c:\\barcodeimage.jpg", System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg); var barcodes = reader.Read(_ImageEditor.Bitmap); if (barcodes.Count() > 0) 

We use components (not free) from IDAutomation for PDF417. They are very good. We use them for encoding, as opposed to reading and decoding.

Haven’t used this component of theirs, but have a look it is C#, and you can obtain the source code, but again, not free.