Rory Culkin’s strawberry scene in Swarm is giving fans ‘whiplash’

Rory Culkin’s strawberry scene in Swarm is giving fans ‘whiplash’

Swarn fans have been left speechless as Rory Culkin’s famous strawberry scene greeted them and now they can’t stop talking about it.

The Amazon Prime show has managed to catch everyone’s attention with its star-studded casts such as Macaulay Culkin‘s brother, Rory Culkin, Billie Eilish, Paris Jackson, and more.

Now, Swarm has again become the talk of the town thanks to the famous nude scene of Rory.

NOTE: This story contains spoilers for Swarm

Rory Culkin’s strawberry scene goes viral

Swarn’s trailer got everyone’s attention but did not prepare fans for Rory’s scene on the show. Episode one of the show set the tone for the rest of the storyline as Rory had a raunchy scene in it.

While we do not get a name for his character, fans will definitely have a hard time forgetting it.

Rory’s character is seen kissing Dominique Fishback. The scene quickly cuts to Dominique waking up at a stranger’s house and it is at this moment that she watches Rory standing nude with a fruit bowl in his hand.

The following scene offers an NSFW scene, but it is unclear if the actor really was naked or not.

Fans react to the scene

The scene definitely left many fans speechless and it did not take long for them to express their thoughts on social media.

One user wrote: “watching episode 1 of swarm getting insane whiplash from going to looking at half-naked Rory Culkin to instantly the main character finding her best friend dead via suicide lmao like this is a v good show but that was too STARTLING for me.”

Another added: “watching swarm and that Rory Culkin strawberry scene was such a jumpscare.”

“Rory Culkin in swarm, I’ll never see strawberries the same way again,” read one more.

“Was not ready for the Rory Culkin strawberry scene in Swarm. Having said that, I’m still watching,” said one more.

“Damn you Rory Culkin and your strawberries!!!” wrote one more.

How many episodes of Swarm are there?

Swarm has seven episodes in total and they can be watched on Amazon Prime.

The show was released on March 17 and since then it has been a trending topic of discussion on social media platforms.

Creators Donald Glover and Janine Nabers definitely take viewers on a wild ride with this one.

Watch all episodes of Swarm on Amazon Prime Video now

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