TikTok star Mikayla Nogueira sparks debate over “try being an influencer for a day” clip

TikTok star Mikayla Nogueira sparks debate over “try being an influencer for a day” clip

TikTok beauty personality Mikayla Nogueira has sparked an online debate over a resurfaced video in which she talked about the challenges of being an influencer.

Mikayla is one of the most popular beauty content creators on TikTok who is known for her make-up tutorials, beauty tips, and hauls.

But in recent days she has been trending over a past video in which she said that being an influencer is not that as easy as other people might think it is.

Who is Mikayla Nogueira?

Mikayla is a 24-year-old influencer and TikTok personality from Massachusetts, USA.

The make-up artist and social media star has garnered a fan base of 13.5 million followers since she created her account at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

One of her first videos, which was a tutorial about how to apply concealer, reached over 1 million views when it was first uploaded.

She studied for a degree in Communications at Bryant University in Rhode Island before relocating to Boston.

As for her personal life, Mikayla announced her engagement to her long-time partner Cody in December 2021.

Mikayla Nogueira’s TikTok video resurfaces

The TikTok star has sparked debate among social media users over a video in which she detailed what her day as a content creator looks like before telling her followers “try being an influencer for a day”.

“Every single day, I get up at 6 am,” she said in the video (via Pop Crush).” I spend about five to six hours filming video content that ranges from three to four videos, and then I spend a few hours editing that video content. Then I have to work on my other social media profiles, whatever it may be.

She added: “Just finished working, it’s 5:19. Try being an influencer for a day. Try it.”

Mikayla has deleted the video on her profile but the clip resurfaced on social media which attracted criticism among some of her followers.

HITC has reached out to Mikayla Nogueira for comment.

TikTok star sparks debate

Mikayla’s comments have sparked a huge debate on social media, with many people taking to Twitter and TikTok to discuss her remarks.

One person tweeted: “So disappointing to see Mikayla Nogueira becoming an out of touch influencer just like the rest of them. Complaining about how hard her job is when most of us are just making enough to get by, some people working 12+ hours and still can’t pay bills.”

Another one commented: “I remember when Mikayla Nogueira was just starting to get kind of popular on TikTok I used to LOVE watching her videos like I watched every single one and to see how badly she has fallen off is really sad to me.”

Someone else added: “This Mikayla Nogueira chisme got me at the edge of my seat. I can only imagine what her response/apology will be like.”

Others have defended the influencer and called out people for hateful comments, especially in the comment section of Mikayla’s TikTok videos.

“People look at the tip of the iceberg but forget the hard work and struggle it took for the person to get there. Especially for someone who worked in retail for years and didn’t have family wealth like most celebrities and influencers do,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another one chimed in: “So true and half the people who are attacking her haven’t even seen the whole video. Just the part where she says it’s 5:19….she started at 6am. Everyone leaving this out lol.”

A TikTok user commented under Mikayla’s latest video: “Just because your haters are louder than those of us that support you doesn’t mean they’re right. Keep your gorgeous head up.”

“People are really cruel. That’s all I’m going to say. Love you, Mikayla,” added someone else under the same video.

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